The 20th EBC Standard Malt
is now available!

What is the EBC Standard Malt?

A standard malt is designed to be a representative sample of malt which can be analysed for extract recovery, wort colour, Kolbach index, fermentability and many other typical malt parameters. Key to the standard malt is the homogeneity of the barley lots that have been selected for malting. Additionally, the standard malt should be well within the detection limits of the parameters normally analysed; this means it should neither be too under- nor over-modified. In essence, the EBC standard malt seeks to be a normal malt with no or very little variation of the sample across the whole whole batch.

Who needs to use a standard malt?

A standard malt is part of a rigorous quality management system in any brewery wishing to do perform checks on malt. It is also indispensable for maltsters, as the standard malt assures that analytical parameters indicated are indeed accurate and not falsified by erroneous laboratory practices or calibration issues with instrumentation.

Why the EBC Standard Malt

EBC has asked brewing technical laboratories for more than 50 years to produce a standard malt. Care is taken that only internationally renowned ISO certified laboratories are selected. Currently, the malting laboratory at IFBM-Qualtech near Nancy / France is the one authorised to produce and sell the EBC Standard Malt. For more information please consult

How is the EBC Standard Malt produced?

The procedures to determine the manipulations employed for the selection of a batch of the EBC Reference Malt, its homogenization, sieving, sampling and packaging in order to obtain representative samples of malt for analytical purposes is described on BrewUp here.

How is the EBC Standard Malt produced?

To order a batch of the 20th EBC Standard Malt, you can find more information in this document!

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