Joint ERAB/EBC Grant

ERAB and EBC are delighted to announce a new joint grant for technological  and/or biomedical research into any aspect of the effect of moderate beer consumption on health. This grant will consist of one full project grant, jointly funded by the two organisations. It follows a joint desire of ERAB and EBC to bridge the technological and biomedical sciences and to research beer more extensively.

ERAB is now inviting pre-proposal applications for funding of a project on any aspect of the effect of moderate beer consumption on health to start towards the end of 2018. The deadline for pre-proposal applications is 19 March 2018. Pre-proposals will be reviewed and notification of the review results will be given on 26 March 2018. Selected applicants will be invited to submit a Full Grant Application by 07 May 2018. Full Grant Applications will be peer reviewed by a team of reviewers who are expert in the subjects addressed. Selected applicants will have a 25% chance of seeing their Grant Application selected. Multidisciplinary proposals are encouraged.

The successful applicant will receive notification of the decision on the 1st of September and it will be announced formally on Tuesday 25th September during the IMAG conference. The successful applicant will be expected to present his/her research project at this meeting.

Applicants must be from a European institution.

The grant is for a project with a maximum duration of two years. For a two year grant the maximum grant is 60,000€

Applicants can find all the necessary information as well as the joint ERAB/EBC Grant pre-proposal form on the ERAB website:

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